How I “get started” with Rust

Some weeks ago I thought to learn deeply a second programming language, it would be good at Desktop, fast and secure.

On my search I found some options like: C and C++, Where I had my first contact with programming, C#, Go and lastly, Rust. Rust was my choose because it is security, fast and I think it has a great potential in game development in the future.

The Rust's site has a section "Learn" where you'll find a broad content base to begin. Free online books, exercises and so on...

I am using, in particular, that two to limit the scope and building my learning chunks.

But sometimes, I've stuck in some concepts like macros, "move", Traits (I'm here) and other what I know I still will. Because this, I'm writing this blog.

At this moment, I want to know the core about the language, allowing me to study some old things like usage

For me, this is an excellent site to get a "sheet cheat" and some examples of Rust in a gradual form.

Through direct tutorials, sometimes too direct, I've got an overview about some topics in the Rust and understood some tough concepts.

This is a great student "drive" learning page. The author shows the content from a student view, categorizing the learning path according to his experience.

How the repository says: "This project contains small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code. This includes reading and responding to compiler messages". Excellent to trainee and fix what you've learned.

Of course, this isn't all I'm using to learn, but it is my learning base, either where I go to know what to learn next or to practice a bit.

Thanks for reading and whether you know another learning material, feel free to share, I'll like it so much.

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