My reading journal: Clean Architecture - Why am I reading it?

Some time ago, I've been looking for programming books to learn how to become a good programmer because where I live it does not have reference in this area. On this search I've found some amazing well establish books. Clean code was one of them; It has just changed how I have thought about programming, and it makes me a OPP addict. Unfortunate, after a long reading I have needed to go out of IT area, but the main of the book I guess I have got.

Now on my loving area, when I am building my personal projects, even following, or trying, the good principles, I have found some struggles in how to organize my code and how to do it more manageable and easy to work. I know my projects are small, but I guess it is the status what is a good time to build a strong base and maintain its code sane.

I have read a lot about architecture on blogs and sites on the internet. It has amazing content, of course, but the major of its mention a book called Clean Architecture; it was not unfamiliar. Looking for it, I have discovered it has the same author from the Clean Code and I decided to invest on it since I knew it probably had a high quality; by my searches, it does.

Wanting to learn the technics of Clean Architecture and knowing too when you are writing about something you are learning, the knowledge is stood easily, so I am beginning another journal of learning, but now for this book I hope is some amazing than anteriorly reader.

I want to write a blog for each chapter I read, beginning from the preface, the forewords from this kind of book are important, until last one chapter.

I hope it helps someone to understand how a Clean Architecture transform a bunch of source files in a great software.

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